Safety on Board

Helping and assisting you in managing safety
and security on board of your vessels


Safety on Board ensures a clear report by ship from the risks present, a safety expert assessment of these risks and propose a plan of action. This report and the action plan is required in the context of laws and regulations.

Safety on Board conducts an independent party system audits on board your ship and / or your shore organization. These audits are aimed at determining compliance with standards and guidelines in the maritime sector, such as the ISM and ISPS - code. In addition to compliance audits aimed at identifying areas for improvement. Safety on Board to act as executor of "second-party" audits, as well as internal auditor for your company.

Safety on Board translates specific training (introduction, familiarization specific topics, safety training, etc ..) to a digital environment. This makes it possible to let medewekers online training aiming at the specific situation on board your vessels. Management training, such as monitoring recurrent training, certificate management and detection which met online is furnished for your organization to information and instruction requirements.